Gardening Know How Attracts 11 Million Visitors A Month With This Strategy

Gardening Know How is the web’s go-to spot gardening website. Whether you’re an experienced pro or just getting your hands unclean for the very first time, they have the techniques and suggestions you need to take your garden to the next level.

They’re ranked # 12 in ComScore’s Lifestyle/Home category and # 1 worldwide in the Gardening category on SimilarWeb, so they’re type of a big deal! And with over 14,000 articles, and new material being released every day, they are always contributing to their virtual encyclopedia of gardening understanding.

So let’s take a look at the site and see what seems working well for their service.

How Gardening Know How Gets Its Traffic

gardening know how attracts 11 million visitors a month with this strategy
Gardening Know How Attracts 11 Million Visitors A Month With This Strategy 7

The site brings in an enormous 11m pageviews per month. That’s some major traffic! The huge bulk of their traffic originates from natural search(almost 90%), with recommendations making up a distant second at under 10%.

gardening know how attracts 11 million visitors a month with this strategy 3

Less than 1%of their traffic comes from social networks, with the lion’s share of that originating from Facebook, Reddit and Pinterest.

gardening know how attracts 11 million visitors a month with this strategy 5

What types of keywords does Gardening Know How target? GKH holds the leading area in the SERPS for some seriously tough gardening-related keywords. They have the primary position for the term “flowers”and a plethora of plant names, like “peace lily “and”cyclamen. “They likewise rank for gardening how-to

phrases, like”how to look after an ivy plant “and “how to inform if you have clay soil. “At the time of composing this post, they have 124,477 keywords in positions 1-3! So how does GKH rake in a lot traffic from these difficult keywords? All of it boils down to content. They have short articles on just

about every gardening topic imaginable, from beginning a garden from scratch to handling typical insects. Their leading performing article only represents 1.2%of their traffic, so their success is spread out actually uniformly throughout the website.

This is a prime example of how a website can rank for a ton of keywords and get a substantial amount of traffic without having any

one short article that goes absolutely viral. This strategy is much less dangerous than having simply a handful of high-volume pages bring in the majority of the search traffic. You might say they’re truly”hedging “their bets! How their pages look Gardening Know How has a tidy site design that is simple to browse. Their top carrying out page today is the Snake Plant Care page. This article is less than 500 words with only 3 H2

‘s. The page design

is quite simple and doesn’t have any frills. The main focus is on the content

, which is helpful and well-written. The sidebar has links to associated articles, recent posts, and popular short articles. The footer has a search bar and links to useful resources, like totally free garden guides and a gardening forum.

They likewise have an email newsletter sign up, however they do not appear to have a lead magnet.

What does the website succeed?

The website’s homepage features a search bar where you can enter any gardening question you may have.

GKH homepage
Gardening Know How Attracts 11 Million Visitors A Month With This Strategy 8

The structure of the website is clear and logical, and it’s easy to discover the articles you’re searching for. They’re utilizing a difficult silo structure, with each primary category having its own sub-categories. The posts are well-written and helpful, without being unnecessarily prolonged, and they cover a large range of subjects. What’s their link profile

like? Naturally, they’ve attracted important links from big names such as House Beautiful, Wikipedia, Huffington Post, and Medical News Today. It’s likely these links were gotten naturally through the website’s

gardening know how attracts 11 million visitors a month with this strategy 14

premium material. How does GKH make its money? In a word-advertising! This behemoth website receives

over 11m page views per month. Simply picture just how much money they’re making from all those advertisements! In the short articles, there are advertisement units in the sidebar, in the footer, and even in between some of the paragraphs. They also sell bundles to

other brand names for social media free gifts. The brand supplies the prize, and Gardening Know How promote the free gift on their

social media channels and their blog. By allowing other brands to gain access to GKH’s huge audience in this way, they’re able to create a neat revenue. There are a small number of paid courses on the site, such as”How to Grow A No-Waste Kitchen Garden”for$ 19.99, and”Creating a Butterfly Garden”

for$47, with more to come.< img width ="944"height=" 904 "src =""

gardening know how attracts 11 million visitors a month with this strategy 16

alt class=”wp-image-46114″> There’s no affiliate disclaimer on the website and no outbound external links. What can we gain from GKH? Gardening Know How is a terrific example of a website that’s constructed a huge audience

by creating quality material and leveraging it to bring in

links, social shares, and advertising dollars. Here’s a quick recap of what we can learn from them: Content is king-they have a substantial selection of high-quality articles on practically every

gardening subject imaginable.An easy, simple style assists visitors

  1. find the details they’re searching for rapidly and easily.Advertising is a great method to monetize a website with high traffic levels.Quality links can be obtained naturally by producing terrific content.Leveraging your audience through relevant social networks giveaways is a fantastic method to
  2. create earnings from other brands.Paid courses are another reliable money making method.
  3. So if you’re considering starting a gardening site, or if you’re searching for ways to improve your existing site, take some lessons from Gardening Know How!