How Matt Giovanisci Made $12k From His First eCommerce Launch With Almost No Marketing

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Today’s guest on the Niche Pursuits podcast is Matt Giovanisci from Swim University and Money Lab. Matt is no complete stranger to Niche Pursuits, having actually been a guest numerous times in the past, and today, he’s back to chat with Jared about establishing an eCommerce section on his site and a lot more.

eCommerce came into Matt’s focus after Andy Humphrey utilized his website as an example during a past podcast episode on Niche Pursuits. Andy stated that Matt’s website (Swim University) could make more money with eCommerce, and 12 months later on, Matt’s back to inform the story of his success.

Matt speaks about the necessary things you require to know when setting eCommerce up– all the crucial nitty-gritty things you need to understand about if you wish to include eCommerce to your site. He talks about the future potential for his site moving forward.

In addition, Matt lasers in on the value of branding, marketing strategies, and having a story behind the products you’re wanting to sell. He highlights the procedure he considered launching his first eCom product and the steps included.

Some Of The Other Things Discussed by Matt Giovanisci consist of:

  • How he entered into the pool industry
  • Producing videos for YouTube
  • Thoughts on using Amazon Associates
  • How being called out on a Podcast got him into eCommerce
  • Overcoming the fear of utilizing eCommerce
  • The variety of systems he acquired
  • Type of item he sold
  • Just how much financial investment did it cost him to get started
  • His special technique for refunds
  • Keeping his margins high
  • When to add more products
  • Does he whitelist his products?How much does he spend on Ads?Percentage of incomes from digital products, affiliate earnings, and eCommerce for Swim University Plus much
  • more There’s a lots of advice and details in this episode. If you’re like many other site owners searching for an alternative or additional income source, eCommerce is another choice

    to increase your revenue matt giovanisci made 12k from his first ecommerce launch with almost no marketing If done properly, your revenues can skyrocket, and Matt has a lot to share on this and more. As always, bear in mind and enjoy the episode. Links & Resources Mentioned During the interview: Today’s Episode Is Sponsored By: One Little Web & Rank IQ Enjoy the complete interview with Matt Giovanisci:< figure class=" wp-block-embed is-type-video is-provider-youtube wp-block-embed-youtube wp-embed-aspect-16-9 wp-has-aspect-ratio

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