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How To Hide a Page In WordPress (5 Effective Methods With Walkthroughs)

Knowing how to hide a page in WordPress is something you believe you’ll never ever need

to understand– up until you

do! Truthfully, practically everybody requires to conceal a page on their website

at some point. Fortunately, it’s not that hard to do. And in this short article, I’ll reveal you 5 different ways how. Let’s get to it. Why Would You Want To Hide A WordPress Page? Before I show you how to do it

, let’s very first talk about why you might wish to hide a WordPress page or article in the very first location. Here are a few of the main reasons: You may want to hide a page from the search engines due to the fact that of the absence of material on the page.

  • Sometimes, you just desire just specific individuals to see the page.
  • If the page isn’t total, you might wish to keep it hidden up until it’s complete.
  • The page might be irrelevant to the primary material on your blog.
  • It could be a private page such as a download or thank you page.
  • 5 Ways To Hide Pages In WordPress

    The 5 approaches below will assist you out if you want to hide a single page, multiple pages, and even if you wish to hide a page or related post from your navigation menu.

    How To Hide A Page In WordPress From Specific People

    Let’s begin with concealing a page from a WordPress website from specific individuals just. You may have a specific page that just paid members ought to be able to see or a private page for one individual only.

    In any case, here’s how to do it.

    Action 1. Find the login page, sign in to your WordPress dashboard, and find the WordPress page to conceal.

    You can discover it quickly by looking at the page title in the list. Step 2. Select Edit on the page or

    post you’re concealing. You will then see the main WordPress page on the screen. Step 3. On the best side of & the screen, you will see a menu that displays settings for the Page and Block. Make sure you are on the page choice

    , and underneath, you’ll see an area for Status & presence– click the downward arrow to show this if it isn’t currently showing.

  • Select the general public button next to Visibility. A pop-up box will appear revealing the following 3 choices: Public– available for anybody to see Personal– only offered for WordPress editors and admins Password

    Protected– This alternative is the one that interests you and will enable you to set a password for the post Step 4. Get in the password you desire the reader( s)to utilize when reading the post

    or page. Anybody who doesn’t have the password will not be able to see the page.< img class=" alignnone wp-image-37863 "src= ""alt ="Password secure WordPress pages"width="543"height="562"data-lazy-srcset=" 632w,×300.png 290w,×507.png 490w,×310.png 300w “data-lazy-sizes= “(max-width: 543px)100vw, 543px” > Step 5. That’s it! Whenever a reader tries to read this particular WordPress page, they will need to enter a password. Hide A Page On WordPress That’s

  • Not Ready For Publishing This method reveals you how to conceal a WordPress page that’s not complete. Lots of people understand about this simple

    setting, many numerousDo not and they will publish release post before completion. Doing this looks unprofessional and can turn readers away from your blog. Here’s an easy method to fix this problem. You can do

    this when writing the page or after you have published it. If you’re composing the page, however it’s not finished, all you require to do is choose ‘Save Draft’ and not the release button.

    Doing this will save the page

    to your draft files, so the next time you wish to include material to the page (or post), you can locate your draft and click on the page title you’re writing. If you have actually currently released the article due to the fact that you

    didn’t know about waiting as a draft, you can select the ‘Switch to draft ‘option at the top of the page. Doing this will unpublish your article or page and save it

    in drafts for you to add or modify. The following approach will show you how to hide a WordPress post or page from a site navigation menu on your

    WordPress website.

    You can have numerous menus on WordPress, and the process applies to whichever menu you wish to utilize. It’s a simple process. First, log in to WordPress and go to your

    control panel. You then pick’ Appearance ‘and then ‘Menus’ from the dashboard list on the left side of your screen.

    Next, you choose the menu you want to edit in the ‘Menu Structure’ box.

    You will see a list of pages and posts for the menu. Then, you click the downward arrow for the page you wish to remove and select the Remove choice, and then the Save button. That’s it; the WordPress page will no longer show. Conceal A WordPress Page From The Search Engines You might be questioning how

    to stop online search engine from indexing a page in WordPress– for example, a download page for an item you offer or a particular deal page. You have numerous alternatives; nevertheless, I will show you how to do it by using the Yoast SEO plugin. The Yoast SEO plugin is exceptional with lots of advantages for ranking WordPress posts and pages. It has lots of other features too, and one of them is the capability to conceal your material from Google, Bing, and other search engines. The first thing you need to do is submit the Yoast SEO plugin from your WordPress control panel. You search through your content for the page you desire to conceal from the search engines when you have actually published and triggered the plugin. Click Edit for the page, and your page will appear on the screen. You then scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and you’ll observe Settings for the Yoast WordPress plugin.

    You’ll see an Advanced choice at the bottom of the settings box– click the downward arrow icon, and an additional set of settings appears.

    The setting that intrigues you is ‘Allow search engines to show this page in the search engine result.’You will notice that the default setting is ‘Yes,’

    but you can alter this by clicking the downward arrow and choosing’ No.

    Update’button.< div class ="box-highlight box-highlight– alt-1

    “readability=”6.5590062111801”> Another plugin that does the exact same thing is the All In One SEO(AIOSEO)plugin. It’s complimentary to use and

    can conceal your pages like Yoast. Get the All In One SEO Plugin How To Hide All Pages & Content In WordPress The final approach is to hide all your pages and content. When building your blog, you may want to do this due to the fact that you desire a sufficient number of posts and pages released prior to releasing. The most basic way to do this is again by utilizing a WordPress plugin. Using a plugin is easy; you do not require to be a WordPress expert or add any CSS code. All you do is set up, trigger, and pick your choices. The process involves adding a Coming Soon page to your site

    . Readers will see a Coming Soon page comparable to the one listed below whenever anybody

    visits the URL. Doing this will enable you to deal with your website in the background, and when it’s all set to release, you shut down and eliminate the

    plugin. To upload a plugin– log in to WordPress, choose Plugins, Upload, and Activate.

    Below are numerous Coming Soon plugins to consider:

    Check out this short article that reveals a lot more WordPress coming quickly plugins.

    Last Thoughts On Hiding pages In WordPress

    You now understand how to conceal a page in WordPress, and the very best feature of all of it is how simple it is to do.

    There are more complicated methods to conceal posts and pages, like including a code snippet to your robot.txt files or tampering additional CSS, but these are the best techniques for benefit.

    The next time you require to hide a page in WordPress, utilize the approaches above.

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