How To Hire A Writer For Your Affiliate Site

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Giving Instructions..

Dear writer(change to writers name).

Can you please follow this template when writing the review. I need a conversational style writer – like you're telling your story and recommending a product to a friend.

1. Attention grabbing title: Example: My (Product Name) Review – Does It Really Work?

2. Attention grabbing first paragraph: Example: Thinking about buying (Product Name)? Here's my review after using it for 6 weeks…Here’s what I really think! Is it right for you? Keep reading…

3. Introduction – Introduce as (name or pen name) and tell a bit of a story that people can relate too that’s related to a problem someone would have that needs the product.

4. How I Found (Product Name): Was sick of (problem or struggle) – searched google and found it to be among the most popular solution.

5. What's Included: List of what's included when buying the product.

6. Is The (Product Name) Worth your Money?: List some benefits and some minor negative feedback. Yes, it is worth every penny!

7. My Results Using (Product Name): Explain some benefits that someone would have after using (Product Name). How it helped solve the problem and why it’s such a good product.

8. Conclusion: Wrap up what was said in the review. Say why it was well worth the money – investing in the product was good choice and glad you found it – it really works!

Hiring a writer can save you time and money + if you find a good writer and the article is good, that article can make you a lot of money!


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