How To Remove The Date From WordPress Posts (Your Easy and Complete Guide)

Are you trying to find methods to eliminate the date from WordPress Posts? Having the date in blog posts prevails, and many blog writers show it, but there are times when you don’t desire the date showed. Personal privacy, SEO, and keeping your content fresh-looking are simply a couple of factors you may want to hide the date.

For some, it’s an important setting they need to disable, and in this article, you will find out how to do exactly this. By the time you have ended up reading, you’ll have 5 methods to remove the date from WordPress posts. Let’s get to it. Get rid of The Date From The WordPress Dashboard

Let’s begin with removing the date from within the WordPress dashboard. It’s a simple job that takes minutes to finish.

Action 1.

Login to WordPress

Log in to your WordPress control panel and chooseSettings from the menu on the left side. Step 2. Select’General’under the’ Settings ‘choice, and you will see the primary settings page on display screen. Step 3. Look on the page for the date format choices. You will observe 5 choices with various format checkboxes to display the date on your posts. At the bottom of this section is a choice to select’Custom’. It must have the letters ‘jFy ‘inside the box– this is what you will adjust. Step 4. Remove the letters from the customized box and select Save Changes. Doing this will get rid of the date from all your posts. CSS Method For Removing The Date Another choice for getting rid of the date from your WordPress post is to use some CSS code. Side note: be careful not to delete any CSS code by mistake, and

as a safety precaution, you should perform a

backup prior to starting. Here are the steps involved. Step 1. Log in to the control panel and choose’Appearance’and after that’Customize’from the menu settings. Action 2. Select additional CSS code towards the bottom of the menu, and the CSS will show for you to add or remove. Step 3. Include the following additional CSS code and click release:. entry-meta. entry-date. published If this does not work, you can get rid of the code and attempt the following:. entry-meta display screen: none; CSS Method For Removing The Date For Specific Posts Only If you wish to remove the date on specific posts only, you might use the following custom-made CSS code:. postid-1. posted-on,.

postid-2. posted-on,.

postid-3. posted-on,


display: none; You require to substitute the numbers for

the post numbers you want the date

hiding on. An outstanding

short article on Kinsta

shows you how to discover post IDs on WordPress , if you’re not sure how to do it.. Remove the Date From WordPress Posts Using A Plugin The following approach to get rid of the date from a WordPress blog post uses a WordPress plugin

. Utilizing a WordPress plugin is quickly, safe, and hassle-free. Action 1.

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Select’Plugins’and Add New from the WordPress dashboard menu. Step 2. Enter the plugin search box ‘Date Remover.’You will then see a list of date-remover plugins to pick from. Action 3. Select the’WP Meta And Date Remover’plugin from Prasad Kirpekar, and select the Install Now button. Step 4. As soon as set up, you require to push the Activate button to activate the plugin. Step 5. All you need to do now is go through the settings andactivate date remove plugin

press Save Changes

. A few of the choices you have with this plugin are: Select to eliminate the date for specific categories Eliminate date from the homepage Custom settings

  • Eliminate date from pages and posts CSS code options PHP date elimination Plus more
  • Remove The Post Meta Date
  • From WordPress

Posts Using Theme Customizer This method includes the Generate Press premium WordPress style

, which is among the best WordPress styles for newbies. It’s arguably the best way to do remove the date from your posts. Step 1. Trigger the blog module inside the WordPress control panel–

choose Appearance

and after that Generate Press to see the Modules page. Step 2. When triggered, choose Appearance and Customize from the menu. You will then see another menu, select the Layout option.

Step 3. You’ll now see a various menu; pick the Blog choice. This option will take you to a setting where you can alter the metadata and numerous other possibilities for article. Select or deselect the alternative you desire (display screen post date )and hit Publish. Edit The Code Directly Again, I need to caution you to be mindful with this technique since you can harm your WordPress website, so only utilize it if confident and constantly carry out a site backup

. Another factor to prevent

doing this is since of the reality that when the style updates, the CSS code you remove will come back, which might trigger you problems down the line. If you should continue, see

the steps below: Step 1. Go to ‘Appearance’and ‘Theme File ‘editor in the WordPress control panel. You will likely get an alerting to be cautious modifying the code,

and you will have to pick the ‘I comprehend


to continue. Action 2. Ensure you have selected the theme you are utilizing towards the leading right of the page, and select the’content.php’alternative. Action 3. Locate the meta information on the page, eliminate it and click Save.

You Now Know How

To Remove The Date From WordPress Posts The 5 techniques above show you how to eliminate the date from WordPress posts, and the majority of them are safe, quickly, and simple to do.

If you have the Generate Press WordPress theme, you

should use the blog site module to make removing the date simple. Besides this

, utilizing a WordPress plugin or changing the general settings inside the WordPress control panel are the next finest alternatives.

If you wish to add CSS code or remove the code utilizing the style editor, you ought to continue with care and always

back up your website. Slipping up is much easier than you think, so please only utilize these approaches if you know what you’re doing. All in all, the 5 alternatives”>

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