How Tracie Fobes Sold Her $18k Per Month Blog And Now Runs a Successful Coaching Business

Untitled design 1 Tracie Fobes is a veteran on the

blogging scene. She launched her first site, Penny Pinchin’ Mom, back in 2009 and grew it with no understanding about blogging or SEO to eventually earn$ 18,000 a month. After a 6-figure exit, she moved her focus to helping other bloggers produce successful, lucrative sites. Today, she runs her eponymous site, Tracie Fobes, where she shares her comprehensive expertise with newbies and professionals through more than a lots different courses, planners, printables, and books, as well as training services.

Keep reading to discover all about Tracie’s inspiring entrepreneurial adventure.

From 401( k) s to Blogging

For many years I worked as a 401( k) strategy administrator. However when my first daughter was born, I stopped my full-time task to focus on her. We’ve included two more kids and I still do not have a job outside of the home, however I still make a full-time income from the comfort of my living room!

At the minute, my income is produced through my coaching and products. I sell books and printables to help bloggers learn how to run their blogging businesses.

People register to get the individually coaching assistance they need in the kind of specific goal-setting, monetization efforts, and even blog site audits.

A Coupon Blog is Born

In 2008, my husband and I decided we were tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck which it was time to leave financial obligation.

Part of that procedure included creating a convenient spending plan. In doing so, I observed just how much I was spending at the supermarket for a household with three kids under the age of 5. Something had to alter.

I started looking into clever ways to shop and save. I shared those concepts in a group online forum I belonged to but which no longer exists.

A buddy informed me I must begin a blog site.

The first thing I did was Google, “What is a blog?” I had NO idea what it even was!!

In January 2009, my site, Penny Pinchin’ Mom, was born.

Penny Pinchin Mom

Starting a Blog I understood nothing about blogging and, in those days, there were no useful courses, Facebook groups, or perhaps

teachers to assist me. Google was my teacher. I spent hours trying to figure things out. I broke my site more times than I can even count. I emailed other blog writers requesting help.

No one answered. Every demand fell upon deaf ears, requiring me to discover it on my own.

I pledged I would never ever allow another blogger to feel the very same way I did, ever. I invested years learning so I might be an efficient coach and coach and, after I offered my discount coupon website, I introduced my other service, in 2019. Her Coupon Blog’s Earnings

At the time I offered the website, I was making $18k to $20k per month. Though I’m still presently the face of Penny Pinchin’ Mom, I have nothing to do with it. Ultimately, that picture of me will vanish.

How Tracie Grew Her Site

Social network had actually been among my primary techniques. I started my website when it was easier to get traction and it assisted enormously.

Facebook used to be incredible! I would share a link on my page and all of my fans would see it.

I also found out how to use Pinterest, which too would send huge traffic my way. Once I figured it out, I contracted out to a Pinterest marketing firm so I might much better invest my time on projects that would increase my earnings.

I likewise relied greatly on networking. At that time I remained in a group of similar blog writers on Skype.

We would share the offers and offers we had found with one another. That resulted in backlinks to one another’s sites while still assisting our readers.

I’ve maintained those connections, and while all of us have carried on to different organizations, we are still friends and support one another in our undertakings.

I did not understand anything about SEO or really utilize it up until 8+ years into my journey. I ranked, however it was not since I knew what I was doing. I was lucky.

Once I learned how to do SEO, I started with the posts I had composed and dug into Search Console to see where I could enhance them. I upgraded h2s, titles and h3s, and added better material.

When that was done, I let the post sit for a minimum of 4 months prior to looking at it again to see what could or could not be improved.

Connect building was very important. Networking got my blog connected on websites all the time and that improved my authority on the subjects I covered.

The links were easy to get as I was an offer blog writer and would share the offer I discovered with others. They would post about it on their site and in their groups and would always thank me by including a link back to my website.

Keyword Research and Content Creation

I just ever utilized the Google Keyword Planner (under advertisements). I didn’t really comprehend how to use keywords till extremely late into my journey. I can only picture the additional success I would have had if I had begun quicker.

As soon as I found out how they work, I would go for the middle-of-the-road keywords as my domain authority was above 70.

That implied those that had a search volume above 1000 but under 5000. They were much easier for me to get to work because of the authority I had actually already developed on Google.

I kept a Trello sheet and tracked every post I updated, including what was upgraded. That way, I might see what worked and what didn’t.

After a while, I had the ability to figure out the types of keywords and updates that were best for my site, which made upgrading (and even composing new material) much, a lot easier.

When it comes to content development, I looked inside my personal group and on my Facebook page to see what people required.

These were people who were currently thinking about my material and understood that I was there to assist and direct them along their money-saving journey.

I would do appropriate research and develop the material so it would resolve the issues of people who already followed me (due to the fact that if they needed aid, so did others).

Tracie Sells Her Site

At the time I sold the site, I was getting 15k to 20k pageviews a day.

I had been considering offering the site for many years and had pointed out that to other blog writers in the monetary blogging community. One of them had contact with a company wanting to purchase blog sites so he made the connection.

Our very first chat remained in August 2019 and I was finished with it in late October 2019.

As far as the amount, I can’t give an exact figure due to disclosure requirements, but it was more than $300,000.

Tracie’s Current Projects

In 2016, I started my new website, Tracie Fobes, but did refrain from doing much with it up until late 2018 or 2019.

My leading marketing method is still networking. I’m involved in countless Facebook groups where my target readers and consumers hang out. I respond to their remarks and offer assistance and answers.

Generally, I appear and individuals are familiar with who I am and naturally find me.

Facebook is my main tool. It’s easy to find out SEO or pay for ads, however when you can discover your people and offer worth to them, they will react.

Premium Link Service Ads 1

< img width=" 600 "height=" 300

” src =” “> Her Current SEO Strategy SEO is extremely crucial for my site. I’m always upgrading old content and identifying what subjects I need to discuss to increase my organic traffic.

I don’t release new short articles except a couple of times a month, but I do continue upgrading existing material as needed to get it to rank.

I have an e-mail list and will share those articles when they are a fit. But, the fact is, my email list is a marketing and earnings generation tool instead of something for self-promotion to get them to my site.

Every short article I write or update has a quality list building use within it, something to help that specific reader get more information or assistance on the subject discussed.

That email then has a funnel that results in a paid item, which gets them to buy my books and courses.


I start with competitors when it comes to updating old posts. What are they doing that I could do much better? Then, I look at Search Console to see which keywords I may be ranking for but for which my position might be improved.

I upgrade the post but never ever touch the URL. That suggests brand-new title, metas, H2s, and H3s, and making sure that the post is well-written without keyword stuffing.

Keyword Research

If I need additional keyword ideas, I’ll utilize SEMRush, Ahrefs, or even Keysearch. I will even go to Google to see what my rivals are doing so I can ensure my short article is even better.

I constantly try to find search volumes of 100 or less and go for those first, and after that I typically wind up naturally ranking for higher volume keywords as time goes on.

I also took two SEO courses that truly helped me: Stupid Simple SEO by Mike Pearson and Easy SEO Revamp by Debbie Gartner.

Connect Building

Link structure is always very important for me, but I don’t actively pursue backlinks. Nonetheless, the posts that rank get backlinks from respectable websites. I will react to HARO demands from time to time, but my time is not invested doing outreach.

Material Creation

This process starts with my group members and the emails I get. They are individuals I want to serve, so I write what they require. Once I have the subject, I do keyword research and after that begin composing.

I let the post sit for 3 months and after that make improvements based on what Search Console tells me. I do not outsource anything as every post has to come from my voice. Even AI can not do that.

Tracie’s eBook and Course Earnings

Below are a couple of screenshots. The first is Teachable, and I moved from that to ThriveCart early in 2021.



TeachableTeachable Below are some of my course sales utilizing ThriveCart( 2021 numbers)Thrivecart And this is the store where I have a couple of books noted: I am not yet making nearly what I was with Penny Pinchin’ Mom as I have downsized my earnings approaches and time invested working so I can focus on my household. Tracie’s Books and Courses for Bloggers I have actually created numerous books and courses that vary from helping brand brand-new blog writers find out where to begin, to assisting more knowledgeable blog writers increase their earnings. Some of my items include: Blog Accelerator

, which is a bundle of numerous courses to assist brand-new bloggers learn how to get set up and start blogging Sponsored Success, a course to assist blog writers

discover and implement sponsored post opportunities that can significantly increase their income Rewarding Email Plan, a book that helps blog writers much better understand what to do with their list to make more cash, without sounding like an utilized automobile salesman I also offer both a one-hour

  • Power Hour and a 6-week coaching extensive to assist bloggers with their concerns and concerns so we can work to develop a reliable and wise earnings andgrowth method. I’m presently working on a thorough course about producing and utilizing funnels successfully so blog writers can not only grow their lists however likewise their earnings without having to show up every day. I produce all my books in Word and my covers in Canva. My courses were originally created on Teachable but I am migrating all of them to Learn. I utilize my Facebook group and e-mail list to promote my

    items. I will run Facebook advertisements and straight offer rather than trying to grow my list as I discover that has a much better ROI. Tracie’s Plans for the Future I’m not trying to get abundant with this website.

    Since I love it and any income I make is a perk, I do it. It’s why my courses are all extremely budget friendly and I do not charge hundreds or thousands for anything. One course is over$ 200 and everything else is below … most cost less than $100. I decided to do this as I know what I would wish to pay. I also understand I’m trying toassist blog writers who aren’t making

    money. I likewise feel it’s ridiculous to ask somebody wishing to learn to pay thousands to discover what I can teach

    them at a price they can manage. I started my first site as a financial, money-saving blogger and that remains in my blood. There is no factor anyone ought to pay more than they require to in order to learn how to set up and run a lucrative blog. I prepare to do this up until I’m fed up with working.

    Her Three Favorite Tools My top three tools are: Facebook, for networking and development( and some ads from time to time) ConvertKit, for my

    email marketing ThriveCart, for course development and sales The Biggest Challenges in Growing Her Business The hardest part about growing my service has actually been seeing technology evolve. It’s constantly tough to stay on top of

    all the modifications to make sure that what I teach is current. It

    takes a lot of time and

    effort to maintain and upgrade

  • the info I share. I am on numerous email lists and read what others are doing. I
  • pay attention to questions in the numerousblogging-focused Facebook groups I’m in and when there are changes orconcerns, I turn to the professionals I trust to see what they

    have to say. But, in the end, I always evaluate it myself. I’m not ready to tell somebody to do something that I have not personally evaluated. That makes no sense as I have to be able to

    support every word I share. Her Most Important Accomplishment I think my biggest achievement is my practical nature. I put assisting others above income. While some say that is a mistake, I do not think it is. We all need to do more to help others. If Only She Knew When She Started I wish I had understood SEO sooner when I had the first website

    . Who knows– I may have kept it around longer and worked with others to preserve it. Her Biggest Mistake With Her Business My biggest error was certainly putting all my eggs in one affiliate partner.

    I almost lost my business years back since

    my primary earnings source altered my affiliate structure. I’m speaking about Amazon.

    I had 7 individuals working for me at that time. I needed to let 5 of them go. I required to find additional partners to promote.I then recognized I needed my own item

    and produced printables, books, and even a course to create earnings. Now I have a really well-diversified income plan, so if one goes down, it

    will not cause chaos as it carried out in the

    past. I deal with at least 10 to 25 different partners and promote what works based on what I need to assist my list and readers find out. Guidance for Other Entrepreneurs You need to be patient.

    You will not make thousands a month for a while, which’s why whatever you do requirements to be a passion job from the start. That method, when you aren’t making what you expect, the love for the subject carries you through. I would also advise buying your education. Sure, post and YouTube videos share some things, but

  • you need to put everything together. The best course will reveal it all to you in such a way that makes good sense and puts the pieces together so

    you can apply what you learn in an organized way.ezoic ad new 728 90ezoic ad new 728 90