The Miss O and Friends Success Story: How a 16-Year-Old Created a $15 Million Business

Millions of women worldwide have been impacted by Juliette Brindak Blake and her company, Miss O and Friends. When she was simply 10 years old, Juliette started drawing pictures of women like herself that would ultimately motivate the launch of the Miss O and Friends website when she was sixteen.

The goal of the site was to be a safe online space for middle-school-aged ladies like her sis. The whole family took a gamble on Juliette’s creation and even risked her college fund to develop it!

Today, Miss O supplies a safe media platform for tween ladies with material that is created by women, for ladies. As an outcome, Miss O has helped to construct self-confidence in millions of girls worldwide.

Juliette is likewise a developer and executive producer of the first family-friendly series to launch on the YouTube Premium platform in 2017.

Her popular YouTube series, Hyperlinked, presented by the Disney Digital Network, is based on her own story and concentrates on positive female friendships, entrepreneurship, STEM and coding.

More just recently, Miss O released a 100% safe socializing app for women called the Girl2Girl Wall. The app supplies a favorable and empowering space for women to get in touch with each other.

Let’s look at how Juliette’s tween doodles assisted her become a millionaire media entrepreneur.


With 63% of its traffic coming directly to the site, almost 22% from recommendations, and nearly 10% from organic search, Miss O and Friends is the go-to location for tween ladies.

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But what makes Miss O and Friends so popular? In a word: content. The site is packed with articles, videos, and quizzes that are all designed to appeal to tween girls.

With so much to provide, it’s no surprise that the site is so popular.

Social network represent a truly tiny amount of their traffic, and nearly 80% of it originates from Instagram.

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WHAT TYPES OF KEYWORDS DOES MISS O TARGET? Their leading pages consist of”How to inform when a young boy is flirting”,”Music that gets stuck in your head”and character quizzes such as” Is your pal a genuine buddy? “and “What kind of mermaid are you?” Source: Branalyzer HOW THEIR PAGES LOOK The branding is wonderfully done. The colors are bright and inviting. The images are high quality

and well-chosen. And the overall design is clean and clutter-free. Juliette’s mom, who is a graphic designer, created the original caricature illustrations that influenced Miss

O and Friends. These animations are still used throughout the site and in their social media accounts. The illustrations assist to develop a cohesive and recognizable brand name that tween ladies can quickly connect with. WHAT DOES THE SITE DO WELL? The website does an excellent task of delivering material that is interesting and pertinent to its target market.