this small business owner had no idea how he got 1800 new sign ups in 1 day

This Small Business Owner Had No Idea How He got 1,800 New Sign Ups in 1 Day

“It took place once again!” James Tweeted recently in addition to a chart revealing a remarkable spike in his page traffic. What caused such a dramatic spike in traffic and sales? James Irvings runs a little software application business called Leave me Alone.

Leave Me Alone is an app you can download that assists you clear out your email inbox. He was seeing about 100-200 page views a day till May 23rd when he had a huge traffic spike getting his website to 1800 views! James connected to his followers on Twitter due to the fact that he could not believe the spike and had no concept where it originated from.

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“It took place again! Do not understand where the traffic spike is coming from.” He informed his fans. His Twitter fans responded offering him ideas for how such a remarkable spike happened under his nose.

One fan asked if he believed the traffic came from their newsletter, which appeared to be a likely response. Another followers asked if the big spike was from a YouTuber discussing the app. This very same follower suggested and offered some advice Leave Me Alone send an email to the new clients asking where they had actually found out about the app. Not a bad idea!

Not just did he see a big increase in traffic to his website, but all those brand-new visitors also downloaded the app. This appeared to lead James to investigate a lot more so he could double down on the marketing method that seemed to be working extremely well for them.


After about 24 hours of back and forth on Twitter, and a bit more digging, James came back to his initial thread and shared what triggered such a significant spike in page gos to and app downloads. His response? TikTok.

this small business owner had no idea how he got 1800 new sign ups in 1 day 2

One of his followers was quite close with his guess that the spike might have been from an influencer on YouTube. It was an influencer, but an influencer on TikTok. He shared the video that made his app go viral and got him so many page views and app downloads.

@julesacree Get one step more detailed to inbox 0! #productivity #leavemealoneapp #intentionalliving #declutter #digitalwellbeing #emailtips ♬ Strawberry– Prod by Rose He reported back to his followers that he was able to figure out that the spike came from TikTok publicity by asking one of the new customers in their assistance chat. They told him the TikToker’s deal with and then he discovered the video. What made it so tough for him to discover the connection to the spike in traffic is because there was no direct link

. The customers were watching the TikTok and after that going directly to Google to enter the name of their app. Another fascinating addition to this story is that the TikTok influencer who promoted their app was not paid. They had no idea she was going to mention their app. Speak about a jackpot!” This level of increase simply from social media is INSANE, “James informed his Twitter fans

. In reply to this statement, there were numerous who raved about the success of social media marketing. One fan stated and responded”Getting featured by a big TikToker is like winning a lottery these days …”James got some feedback to double down on this successful marketing strategy and partner with more influencers. He would be wise to

do simply that!

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