VPN Review Site Making $12,304,778 Net Sold to Aura for 8-9 Figures

Aura acquired Comparitech for an astounding rate. However, not everybody is happy about it.

Let’s dive into the story to much better comprehend its cost and controversy. A Little Background of Comparitech In recent years, Comparitech has actually hit remarkably high-performance numbers; we are talking profit margins of 66 %. Comparitech is a pro-consumer site that provides consumer contrasts, evaluations, and tools. Their company mainly concentrates on screening and examining VPN

services, consisting of network monitoring tools, password managers, antivirus software, and identity theft protection. This UK company has served customers mainly in the UK and United States because its creation by founder Richard Patterson in 2016 however has actually recently expanded its audience worldwide.

Comparitech consistently drives more than 1 million visitors to their website and a recent report about the sale details how the site made over $12 million after-tax in the year 2021.

comparitech ahrefs stats.

These numbers brought in some eyes, and Aura decided they wished to add Comparitech to their company for a high rate.

And this is where the debate begins.

Aura’s Powerful But Controversial Strategy

Aura is a digital personal privacy business based out of the US. They use defense from financial scams, identity theft, and online gadget security. Aura owns several VPN brand names, including HotSpot Shield, Ultra VPN, Betternet, and VPN 360.

Some customers and direct competitors of Aura are upset that Aura now owns a VPN contrast website in addition to their many VPN brands.

Why? Since as a consumer, you no longer understand who is behind the VPN brand names and the VPN comparison sites and whether your benefits are looked after. People see a good review for your item and after that they buy your product. Pretty simple.

Appears like a good concept for the business, however I can comprehend why some individuals are worried.

However, another business ought to worth discussing at this time is Kape Technologies. A couple of years back, Kape Technologies utilized the same method as Aura. They purchased a number of VPN brands and after that went along and purchased a VPN contrast website. Their past is a little questionable, so maybe we can understand why the rivals are fretted about this recent acquisition of Comparitech.

What is the remarkable number that Aura Acquired Comparitech for?

Through a silent takeover in October of 2021, the founder and CEO of Comparitech was alleviated of his position and passed the role to Aura CEO Hari Ravichandra.

The specific number for the offer has yet to be launched, however VPNcheck.org reports the final number fell in between $50 million and $100 million.

It will be interesting to see if the addition of Comparitech to Aura’s tool box will significantly affect their development as a company. And whether Comparitech’s evaluations will be prejudiced and damage its reputation.

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