What is Neil Patel’s Net Worth and How Did He Get It There?

Neil Patel’s net worth is around$30million. Depending upon your opinion of Neil Patel, you might either believe that’s an outrageous number or method insufficient for how much material he appears to produce. Which, to be fair, is a lot. There’s no rejecting the fact that Neil Patel is everywhere, and to lots of people, he is synonymous with digital marketing itself. He appears to deal with all the greatest brand names, owns a number of companies

, and provides an entrance for many aspiring entrepreneurs. Provided how many individuals know his name, it’s surprising he’s not worth more. It’s worth mentioning, though, that his net worth in 2016 was approximated to be around $10 million, so he’s multiplied his incomes since late.

A Quick Neil Patel Biography

neil patel net worth

You can define Neil Patel with a lot of labels– entrepreneur, online marketer, software developer, oradvisor.

Based upon the amount of material he produces, though, it seems the one that is most fitting is that of material creator. To say Neil Patel puts out a ton of content is putting it mildly. While he just writes one blog post a week, every post averages in between 1500-2000 words.

Additionally, he tape-records 12 YouTube videos and 30 Marketing School podcast episodes every month, investing almost $17,000 per month to modify this content and produce.