Yep, Ahrefs Just Launched a $60 Million Search Engine! I Tried It Out and Felt Underwhelmed …

Yep, it actually simply occurred. Ahrefs has released a brand new online search engine called”Yep “. A 3-word domain … nice! And they’ve currently spent$60 million getting the servers and

other infrastructure established. However why on the planet, would Ahrefs release a brand new search engine to take on the likes of Google? Well, in a nutshell, they do have an intriguing angle. Ahrefs wants to pay content creators for the outcomes that advertisers quote on, splitting profits 90/10, where 90%of advertisement profits goes to blog writers. To put it simply, a marketer pays Yep to promote for a given query. If a searcher check outs your website for that provided inquiry, Yep will pay you (the material creator)90%

of the search ad profits. As a content developer, this sounds incredible! Sign me up! I ‘d love to earn money from the search engine AND still get to keep the ad income on my website.

There as so SO many concerns … and BIG concerns after I tested it out.

In truth, the outcomes were so underwhelming, that I won’t be going back till there are major modifications.

Let’s go into this for a second …

yep ahrefs just launched a 60 million search engine i tried it out and felt underwhelmed 1
We All Know Link Whisper Should be # 1! Why Would Ahrefs Launch a Search Engine? Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool, and has been crawling the web for many years. With AhrefsBot, they’ve

indexed 12 trillion links in their database. It’s MASSIVE! I have to think of the creator was looking at this database and thought, “Well, how else can we monetize this? … Let’s make an online search engine!”

Yep, they have the information to do so.

However starting a search engine and getting individuals to in fact utilize it when Google is common with search is a near-impossible job.

Here’s the background, according to Yep:

Yep is the brainchild of Dmitry Gerasimenko, and was brought to life by the Ahrefs team.

Ahrefs runs an internet-scale bot that’s been crawling the entire web 24/7 considering that 2010, keeping, indexing and structuring petabytes of details. With this data, we created among the leading SEO toolsets worldwide.

Our goal has always been to develop excellent items quicker than the giants and avoid feeding them endlessly by leaving money in the neighborhood.

Will Rewarding Creators Be Enough to Attract Searchers?

Google is a default search engine.

DuckDuckGo is playing the angle of the “personal privacy” search engine.

Yep, is trying to play the Google is wicked card (in such a way), by attempting to reward bloggers with 90% of ad revenue. Again, this sounds excellent as a blogger! Simply send me my check every month.

So, far I don’t see a way for me as a content creator to make money from Yep. I’m unsure when their technique of paying content developers or accepting advertisers will in fact happen, however it’s not live yet from what I can tell.

yep ahrefs just launched a 60 million search engine i tried it out and felt underwhelmed 2

However, will the” however creators must earn money for search engine result

!” argument deal with the typical joe? In my viewpoint, it probably will not. The general searcher does not comprehend how search engine result, content, and marketing all work together … and they mostly don’t care.

That’s the extreme reality. I’ll never say never, but Ahrefs may be trying to climb up a hill not worth climbing. $60 million is sadly nowhere close to the investment needed to make a small dent on the planet of search.

Does “Yep” Even Work? Nope.

And worst of all, the online search engine does not truly work yet. Yep, I tried it.

Now, possibly they are just getting slammed with traffic because this bad kid just released. As a company founder I can cut them some slack.

But my tests of their online search engine did not work out at all.

I searched for “Niche Pursuits”. It literally took over 30 seconds for Yep to return any results. Ouch!

Users want speed in an online search engine, and Yep is not quickly. I seemed like I was back in 1999 on dial-up web. Without blazing fast speed, Ahrefs will NEVER draw in real users to its online search engine.

I typed a throwback expression to an early blog post I composed, “Spencer Likes Honeycombs“. After waiting for the results, I got consulted with a “Something Went Wrong” message.

Sure, “Spencer Likes Honeycombs” is odd … however give me some results … something!

yep ahrefs just launched a 60 million search engine i tried it out and felt underwhelmed 3

Here’s what an effective search engine result looks like: Try Searching Somewhere Else … The last kicker was that I discovered that after doing a search on Yep, it suggested that I”Try Searching On”– Google, Bing, Mojeek, or DuckDuckGo.

Seriously! Here’s the screenshot: So, if Yep advises you try searching somewhere else, I’m going to do the exact same. Ahref’s Yep search engine isn’t all set for prime time, you should keep searching somewhere else. As amazing as the news is of a search engine that directly rewards content developers(that’s me! ), for now it’s not useable and has a near-impossible job ahead of it to draw in real users.

yep ahrefs just launched a 60 million search engine i tried it out and felt underwhelmed

yep ahrefs just launched a 60 million search engine i tried it out and felt underwhelmed

Updated: June 7, 2022 — 12:26 am

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